On the forging advantage of servo cnc screw press

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-09-29 15:04:53

Die forgings are widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, railway vehicles, aviation, national defense and other industries. With the development of automobile industry and national defense industry, precision requirements for die forgings are getting higher and higher. For example, the quality tolerance of automobile engine connecting rod die forgings is only 4 grams. After the valve is formed by precision die forging, only the grinding process is needed. Traditional die forging equipment such as hammer, hot die forging press, it is difficult to make precision die forging. The screw press is an ideal equipment for precision die forging due to the fact that there is no fixed lower die point.

Screw press has dual working characteristics of die hammer and forging press:

1. Screw press has certain impact function in the working process.

2. The screw press transfers energy through the screw pair. When the metal produces plastic deformation, the force between the slide block and the table is borne by the closed frame of the press, forming a closed force system, which is not transmitted to the outside.

3. Wide application of process. Due to the double working characteristics of hammer and press, screw press can meet the requirements of various main forging and pressing processes. The forging pressure processes that can be realized on the press machine are: common die forging, precision die forging, upsetting, extrusion, finishing, stamping, bending, cutting, punching and correction, etc.

4. High precision of forging. Due to the unfixed stroke of screw press, the precision of forging is not affected by its elastic deformation. At the same time, the screw pressure machine is generally equipped with a lower ejector, and can adopt a special structure of combined mold, which can reduce or eliminate the die forging and the remaining pieces on the forging, especially equipped with less oxidation heating equipment, which can get the refined blank or even finished parts.

5. Screw press has ejection forging device. It can be used to perform some difficult processes such as top forging long bar, extrusion cylinder, closed die forging and fine forging.

Servo CNC screw press

6. Two kinds of moulds can be used: integral mold and combined mold. In particular, combined molds can be designed and manufactured according to equipment tonnage and types of forgings. For different sizes of forgings, only the convex and concave die inserts need to be replaced, which can simplify the design and manufacturing process, shorten the cycle, save the mold steel and reduce the cost.

7. The equipment structure is relatively simple and easy to use and maintain.

In recent years, with the application of servo technology, a door has been opened for the precise control of modern machinery. Servo technology has been widely applied in the field of press, servo CNC screw press with big punch energy, stroke times, under partial load is high, the orientation precision capability is strong, stuffy after forging mould time is short and press in  stroke  anywhere has advantages of high force, for the screw presses place chamber die forging, precision forging and die forging height, deformation of large forgings provides favorable conditions.

Servo numerical control screw press, because of the digital control, more easily to meet the  robot, mold spray device on-line automation requirements, easy to achieve the automation of the whole press. With the development of automation in the industry and the display of more advantages, the servo numerical control screw press will be gradually popularized in the whole industry with obvious advantages.

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