Safety protection device in the working area of refractory press

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-04-13 14:13:30

Fence, that is, the fence in the danger zone of the site where the refractory is made. By setting up physical obstacles, the danger zone is isolated to ensure that no part of the human body can enter the danger zone. Transparent solid partitions should also fall into this category. There are two types of fixed fence and movable fence, which can protect the safety of all people who may enter the danger zone.

1.Safety requirements for refractory press working areas

(1)Safety distance and opening size. The key dimensions of the fence-type safety device to ensure safety are: fence spacing, opening size of the refractory material opening, and safety distance. Factors that must be considered in determining these dimensions are anthropometric parameters and accessibility of the hazardous area and should be in accordance with regulations. The security requirements it should meet:

Requirements for dimensions a and b. The safety distance a of the safety device and the danger line, the fence gap and the safety dimension b of the feed opening, the relationship between the two is that b increases, and a must increase accordingly. The first typical position is to consider the human finger; the second typical position is to consider the size of the palm and arm of the person and the distance that they may reach, to ensure that the hand and arm of the person are extended through the gap between the material and the fence. Impossible to get hurt.

The safety distance a of the installation location of the fence and the danger line should be considered during the work of the press, the fence does not contact any moving parts of the refractory press, and does not hinder the material processing.Fence settings are reliable. The fence can be permanently fixed by welding or bolted and cannot be removed without special tools.

refractory press working site

2.types of Fence

Fixed fence type. The fence is fixed on the refractory press body and acts as a barrier to isolate the human body from danger. The fence is closed during the full travel of the slider. A feed port is provided at a specific position of the fence to facilitate the entry and exit of raw materials and processed parts.

Movable fence type. A movable body (door) is set in front of the fence, and is connected to the refractory pressure mechanism frame or the adjacent fixed element by mechanical methods (such as hinges and slides). The movable body is interlocked with the control circuit of the clutch, and the closing power can come from the slider or the connecting rod of the refractory press.

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