Analyze the reason of crack of high alumina brick

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-04-13 14:06:12

High - alumina brick is a neutral refractory material, belongs to the si - al series firebrick.

The production of high aluminum brick requires high pressure molding and high temperature sintering. A lot of detail is needed in the production of high alumina bricks. Careless is easy to appear crack, so, what reason is high aluminium brick to appear crack?

One,Selection of raw materials

If the high alumina brick material contains too much impurity, the heating is too fast in the sintering process or the drying is not handled well, will produce different degrees of crack.

In the production, the cloth is uneven, the high aluminum brick brick compactness is different, the fine powder adding quantity, the mud material mixing quality will affect the high aluminum brick semi-finished products to produce cracks.

high aluminum brick
High aluminum brick

Two, the operation error in the molding process

High aluminum brick molding uses brick molding refractory brick press. Nowadays, the domestic companies choose electric screw press mostly, a small number of enterprises also use the old friction press. Enterprises should choose accurate power control, more energy saving electric screw press, is the trend of social development. Haloong servo electric screw press is very accurate in the control of energy, in the process of pressing high aluminum brick can effectively prevent the generation of cracks. When forming, each hammer is too heavy, the gas is not exhausted, a small part of the gas will lead to high aluminum brick layer crack, Haloong servo electric screw press is fully automatic digital simulation manual brick process, has a great advantage.

Three. Unreasonable mold design

Pressing brick mold is also a reason for the unreasonable design, the lack of exhaust groove, vent, molding mold will also appear cracks.

Four,Improper operation of firing process

The heating rate, the atmosphere condition, the shrinkage of the blank body during the firing process and the recrystallization of the secondary mullite and corundum during the firing of the refractory brick will lead to the inconsistent shrinkage and the surface crack of the product.

High aluminum brick site
High aluminum brick site

In a word, the reason that high aluminium brick produces crackle is many-sided, but have one kind or a few kinds of factors common action produces, want to cause the various factor that high aluminium brick crackle to undertake analysis according to, raise the qualified rate of high aluminium brick product.

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