The development direction of refractories is discussed from several aspects

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-06-10 14:59:04

In recent years,In response to the national call, many refractory enterprises began to pay attention to energy consumption.Apart from energy consumption,in addition to improving production efficiency, saving costs and reducing expenses, enterprises also actively strengthen their own technological level and technical level.In order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, on the one hand, improve the energy efficiency and minimize the production waste of refractory material manufacturers.On the other hand is the choice of refractory environmental protection equipment, such as the choice of firebrick press molding equipment.

1,Refractory production enterprises improve energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency first reduces the demand for energy, especially in the refractory industry.In modern processes, the heat emitted from the kiln cooling section can be reused when the product is dried.A heat exchanger is installed in the exhaust gas and hot air pipe to collect waste heat. Any equipment should have a modern insulation that reduces the weight of the lining at high temperatures, thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

2,Refractories production enterprises to minimize the production of waste and refractory recycling

Direct waste from the refractory industry has been significantly reduced.The disposal of post-used bricks can actually reach 100% worldwide, and these bricks are broken and reused. The purified waste is recycled as much as possible.The effect of refractories in the effective utilization of domestic garbage is also significantly improved. In most countries, after multiple treatments, the total final waste is only 18 per cent, and research to reduce industrial waste continues.

3,Innovation of production technology and equipment in refractory enterprises

Modern refractories not only have to have a long life, but also to reduce the user side of the energy consumption.The application of blowing argon permeable brick is an example of technological innovation which can bring remarkable benefits to users. Friction press is gradually eliminated due to its disadvantages such as high energy consumption and high noise. Electric screw press is the main forming equipment in refractory factory.Electric screw press is welcomed by refractory enterprises because of its advantages such as precise force control, low noise, safety and environmental protection. The servo electric screw press produced by Haloong is driven by servo motor and adopts fully sealed static pressure structure with neat appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, short transmission chain, low noise and good use effect.

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