Comparison of differences between gear drive and belt drive of press

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-07-07 14:57:33

Press gear transmission is a mechanical transmission in which the teeth of two gears of the press engage with each other to transfer power and motion.Gear ratio range is large and can be used to slow down or increase speed. High transmission efficiency. A pair of high precision involute cylindrical gears, the efficiency can reach more than 99%.Wide range of speed (round speed) and power transfer, suitable for high speed (v>40m/s), medium speed and low speed (v<25m/s); The power is from less than 1W to 105KW. Compact shape of center distance, constant transmission ratio, wide selection of circumferential speed and power, high transmission efficiency.

However, the refractory brick press with the gear transmission does not have overload protection and the gear with low precision will cause great noise, vibration and impact during transmission and pollute the environment. Higher manufacturing costs.Some gears with special tooth shape or high precision need special or high precision machine tools, cutting tools and gauges, so the manufacturing process is complex and the cost is high. No shock absorption, no buffer, no overload effect. High requirements for installation and manufacturing.

Belt transmission is one of the important inventions of the ancient Han working people. Belt transmission appeared in China as early as the first century BC. There are records of belt conveyance in historical records dating back to 15 BC.Belt drives produce continuous rotational motion, transmitting forces from one wheel to another. Belt transmission is a kind of mechanical transmission in which the flexible belt on the belt wheel is used for movement or power transmission.

The advantages of the belt conveyor press are stable transmission, low noise, buffering and vibration absorption, simple structure, low cost, convenient operation and maintenance, good flexibility and elasticity, and overloading and slipping (with overloading protection). Large range of center distance, it can be used for long-distance transmission (can transfer power between large shaft spacing and multi-shaft), simple structure, low cost, installation requirements are not high, do not need lubrication, easy maintenance and other characteristics, it is widely used in modern mechanical transmission.

The belt slip phenomenon in the working process of the refractory brick press is regarded as normal as long as it does not affect the pressure release in a controllable range.

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