See how high-end refractory companies choose press equipment?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-05-24 16:49:11

The refractory industry is the infrastructure industry supporting the country, but it is not the fastest growing industry. In many enterprises, a large number of workers are required to assist in the refractory brick forming process. The labor intensity is high and the product efficiency is low. Now, with the wide application of servo electric screw press in refractory brick forming, it not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves Production efficiency, new servo equipment, simple maintenance and long service life. The following will give you a specific analysis of the improvement of the servo electric screw press machine to the refractory enterprises:

1.Digital control, automatically complete the molding of refractory bricks

The servo electric screw press machine adopts digital control. According to the molding process requirements of different products, the number of blows, strength, speed, etc. are digitally set, and the whole process is automatically completed, which fully guarantees the quality of the product and avoids the influence of human factors on the product quality.

press machine, firebrick press

2.One-touch button operation, newcomers can be on duty at any time

The servo electric screw press machine  is a one-button button operation. It only needs simple training. Newcomers can be on duty at any time. No mature press operator is required. The whole set of striking technology can be completed by pressing the start button, saving labor.

3.Automatically detect and report equipment warnings in real time

The servo electric screw press control system can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time, automatically detect and report equipment failures, and the user can arrange for personnel to repair according to the displayed failure information without delaying production.

press for refractory

4.Automatic lubrication, maintenance-free

The dual lubrication system of the servo-electric screw press automatically lubricates the beams and guide rails at a fixed time and a fixed amount according to the requirements of use, so as to realize maintenance-free, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce the production cost.

The servo electric screw press machine is highly automated, intelligent and easy to operate. It can automatically complete the whole process of forming. The products produced are stable. At the same time, the whole process of production can be displayed in real time, which improves the management ability of the enterprise. Servo electric screw presses can save enterprises worry and effort, and improve their production efficiency, both in production and management.

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