What kind of brick press does the resistant material enterprise need under the new situation

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-06-23 15:04:18

At present,the market competition in the refractory material industry is full,the market generally presents structural overcapacity,and the demand in the low-end market is saturated.The refractory material enterprises turn their eyes to the new refractory bricks with precision,longevity and environmental protection.If you want to improve firebrick,the key lies in the brick press.What kind of brick press machine can meet the requirements of new firebrick production?

brick press

First,servo control,digital setting of the strike process

Brick press is good or bad key lies in the control,by the servo control of the press,you can set up the digital strike process,accurate control of each step.According to the input instructions,the artificial strike process is simulated.First,the excess gas in the refractory brick is discharged by light pressure,and then the density of the product is improved by heavy beating,which increases the success rate of the refractory brick forming and meets the requirements of the long-life refractory brick production.

Second,expand the firebrick process,to create more high value-added firebrick

The production process of new type refractory brick is more complicated,and the requirements for press brick are higher.The brick press controlled by servo can accurately control each step,freely adjust the strike force and speed,etc.,to achieve flexible control,not only for the enterprise in the product process has a greater extension and expansion,create more high value-added products,but also provide a base for the digital development of enterprises.

brick press

Three,good quality,low maintenance costs

Brick press is of good quality,the longer the use time,the lower the maintenance cost.By the servo control of the brick press,its simple structure and low failure rate,and equipped with automatic maintenance system to achieve maintenance free,increase the service life,reduce production costs.

With more stringent environmental controls,the demand for new firebricks in the downstream industry of refractory materials will be increasing.The refractory material should strengthen the research and development of the new refractory brick according to the change of the form,and on this basis,the brick press should be upgraded and transformed,and the refractory material production line should be established based on this.

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