How to improve the power of discourse in the market of refractory material industry

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-19 15:05:33

The current market competition is not only the product competition,but also the market discourse power competition,who master the market discourse power who can be in a dominant position in the fierce market competition.In the industry chain of refractory materials,under the dual pressure of rising prices of upstream raw materials enterprises and lower prices of downstream users,and under the dual pressure of rising costs and falling demand,the operating situation of refractory materials industry is becoming more and more difficult.That refractory material industry how to break the bureau,enhance the discourse power of the market?

fire brick production line

First,promote the digital and intelligent upgrading of the fire brick production line

With the highly centralized development of the downstream industries of the refractory material industry,the demand for the quality of refractory bricks is getting higher and higher,and the demand for ordinary refractory bricks is gradually decreasing.In the current situation,the refractory material industry should be actively guided in the market to promote the refractory material enterprises to upgrade the fire brick production line digitalized and intelligent,reduce production costs,improve product quality and strengthen the power of discourse.

Second,encourage refractory material enterprises to research and develop new refractory bricks

Resistant material enterprises have hard power,but also have soft power.Therefore,the refractory materials industry should develop corresponding incentive measures to promote the research and development of new refractory bricks by refractory materials enterprises,enhance the core competitiveness of refractory bricks,and strengthen the power of power in the refractory materials industry.

fire brick production line

Third,accelerate the pace of joint restructuring,strengthen industry self-discipline to eliminate disorderly competition

Although there are many refractories enterprises,the scale is small,the degree of concentration is low,and the homogenization competition is serious.The refractory material industry needs to eliminate a number of,and then merge a number of,through this method,to create a number of leading enterprises,strengthen industry self-discipline to eliminate disorderly competition,improve the right to speak in the market.

The refractory material industry should make full use of the policy,make the best use of the situation,promote the refractory material enterprises in the industry to upgrade the fire brick production line,improve the product differentiation,reduce the production cost,and build a good foundation for the next development.

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