What does Automatic batching system provide for refractory brick molding?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-12-24 14:26:54

  The traditional refractory material enterprise's batching method is artificial, but artificial batching has the problems of low precision and uneven mixing. Refractory material enterprises continue to improve the molding process. Artificial batching has not adapted to the needs of the current development, and the automatic batching system is simple to operate, with high precision and uniform texture of the material, automatic batching system is the beginning of refractory material automatic production line. Which guarantees does automatic batching system provide for refractory brick molding?

 automatic batching system,batching system

1.Ensure the production efficiency

  The user only needs to input the formula instruction in the control interface, and the system will arrange its own work after receiving the instruction without manual participation. The operation of automatic batching system is simple, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and ensures the production efficiency.

2.Ensure the quality of material 

  The batching system takes care of itself when instructed. First of all, the automatic weighing system will weigh the material’s weight, which is required by the user, and the batching requires a certain amount of water. The automatic liquid dispensing system in the automatic batching system is controlled by the computer, and the user only needs to input the amount of water and interval time. The weight of material and the proportion of water, which are adopted by the automatic batching system,follow the order strictly. The material obtained has high precision and small error, which ensure the quality of the material.

 automatic batching system,batching system

3.Ensure the uniformity of material

  Automatic batching system is controlled by computer, without manual intervention. The whole process is executed according to the user's input instructions, which ensures the uniformity of materials, it lays a good foundation for the next firebrick molding, and improves the success rate of products.

  In short, the automatic batching system can flexibly batch according to the inputed instructions, without manual intervention in the middle, which provides a guarantee for the formation of refractory bricks. At the same time, the automatic batching system is the beginning of the automatic production line of refractory materials, and the high quality of the materials ensures the smooth completion of the process. It improves efficiency and increases the qualified rate of products.


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