The rebirth of the special Brick Factory: The magical power of the servo electric screw press

Author: haloong     Time: 2024-05-14 18:04:20

In one corner of China, there is a special brick factory. Its products have always been welcomed by the market for their unique shape and high quality. However, due to low production efficiency and severe mold loss, the operation of the plant has been facing great challenges.

The factory owner decided to take action, knowing that the problems could only be fundamentally solved by changing the production equipment. Therefore, he decided to introduce a new type of servo electric screw press to replace the old 630T friction press.

This new servo electric screw press comes from Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery, a manufacturer with 43 years of experience in press production. This machine uses the most advanced servo electric technology, can flexibly adjust the force and speed to meet a variety of different production needs. Its appearance has significantly improved the production efficiency of the special-shaped brick factory, and also greatly reduced the loss of the mold.


After replacing the new equipment, the production line of the special-shaped brick factory began to glow with new vitality. The original special-shaped brick that needed to be repeatedly extruded can be formed, and with the help of the new equipment, it can be completed only once, and the production efficiency has been increased several times. At the same time, due to the precise control of the new equipment, the loss of the mold is also greatly reduced, which saves a lot of costs for the factory.

What is more surprising is that due to the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of mold loss, the special-shaped brick factory was able to stand out in the market competition and received more orders. Their products began to go to a wider market and even began to export abroad.

This case tells us that timely equipment replacement has a decisive impact on the development of enterprises. By introducing the servo electric screw press from Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery, the special-shaped brick factory has not only improved production efficiency, but also reduced mold losses and injected new vitality into their future development.

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