Green device make contribution to air environment

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-21 16:16:10

      During the bad smog,Chinese government has given orders to stop production special in manufacturing industry.then the price of raw material rise overnight.just like the song:hebei stopped,beijing stopped,shangdong stopped,henan stopped,shangxi stopped,all have been stopped,it’s finally the times abounding of money but fewer of goods.steel is bellowing,aluminum is shouting,parts is roaring,stainless is jumping,where is carton,carton is snickering,shipping shipping rising day by day.and the price is changing what shall we do?
electric servo press
    Haloong HLDS series electric servo press low noise,the servomotor make efficient working when blow brick or metal,so can save power more than 55%.
    Saving electricity means saving energy and reducing pollution. China's power generation mainly by fuel, while the Earth's coal is limited.
Saving electricity can reduce acid rain. Acid rain is due to the formation of coal combustion, it can strongly corrode buildings, so that soil and water quality acidification, grain production, grass, fish and shrimp death. China's annual economic losses caused by acid rain pollution of about 20 billion yuan.
Saving electricity can slow global warming. Coal and other fuels produced by burning carbon dioxide as a glass cover to block the heat out of the ground, so that the Earth's surface temperature, resulting in "greenhouse effect." as well the fog.
    To be honest,servo press machine is green device,and make contribution to air environment.

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