How do you oil the press machine?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-06 16:07:21

how do you oil your press machine

1. Grease lubrication pump: Pay attention to the extend length of singe pole in oil level everyday,refueling as soon as the oil will be finished.Grease pump should be opened semiannually and clean out dirty oil with clean semifluid thick oil.what’s more,the oil filter should cleaned yearly.
2. gear case: oil change yearly,Unscrew the lower end of the gear box cut off the oil pipe, the gear box of oil exhausted, and then open the fuselage top of the gear box cover, into the oil to the right side of the oil until the oil mark.
3. Balance jar: refuel semiannually,open the upper cover plate left and right side of the fuselage top of the balance cylinder,and pour into appropriate  lube.
4.Worm and gear: refuel semiannually,shed the oil plug in the right of slide block and stifled back when give out all the oil,Then unscrew the right side of the spherical cover oiling plug, into the provisions of the oil, screw on the oil plug.
5.Connecting rod thread:refuel lube monthly,Use a grease gun to inject clean oil from the filler port.
6.Slider Lifting Chain, Cam Controller Chain:Grease every six months, with a brush to grease applied to the chain
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