Key method to operate electric screw brick press machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-02-23 16:07:08


 high aluminum bricks by firebrick press

 First of all,it’s important to insist a correct methods when using power screw firebrick presses. in case of an error,bricks will be scrapped,exploded and cracked.
   Analyze of exploding when electric brick making machine:When the residual water in the kiln brick tile is too high, the heating rate of the preheating zone is more than 25-35 ℃ / h, the steam vaporized in the green body is too late to discharge, and the residual moisture is , The situation is also more serious, and even the top of the kiln can hear the sound of the bombing, especially in the squatting fire just after the warmer to enter the heating zone more urgent, dead and dangerous water is not too high, water vapor often only squeeze the brick surface, forming a spider web Fine cracks, in addition to the control should be controlled into the kiln residual moisture less than 8%, but also should be appropriate to extend the preheating zone, so that the slow temperature dehydration evenly, and in the squatting fire and round kiln burning paper after the slow pull gate, Slowly higher.
  Analyze of cracking when electric screw brick press:The brick surface appears small but not split into a straight line of cracks, and sometimes the crack also extends to the side or top. This is mostly hidden when the hidden molding, roasting with the gate when the crack, the expansion. To this end, should be appropriate to reduce the plastic index of raw materials, adjust the cement brick machine helix reamer speed and helix angle, the use of separate spiral cutter, and mud on the mud tank to reduce the mud layer. Or the use of hot water, steam mixing, vacuum squeeze mud and other measures to reduce the water in the mud to eliminate the stratification. Another roasting should be the right gate, uniform drainage and the implementation of the door before the door and so on.

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