How about the accessories quality of Haloong mechanical ele

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-02-24 17:03:53

mechanical parts of servo press machine

    Our Haloong mechanical is always strict with quality,specially the parts.We exercise strict control over the material and totally use impact evaluation.However,mechanical parts such as the frame,flywheel, bolts,screws,slide,lubrication system,brake structure and electric parts such as servomotor,electrical control cabinet,buton station which were long-term exposure with material.Press parts must go through the company's quality inspection departments at all levels. If you buy our products customers in the warranty period of the press parts of the problem we will be free on-site service and replacement.
  For press equipment, the speed of replacement may be far behind the speed of daily necessities, coupled with the development and production of new products also means a substantial increase in costs. Therefore, the entire industry for the development of new products, the enthusiasm of the new performance is not high, but at the same time it also caused the gap between the enterprise production capacity of the widening. Facing the increasingly open market environment, how to improve the technological output of products, speed up the development of new products, catch up with the trend of social development, enterprises should consider one of the important issues.
Hualong Machinery from beginning to end that the product quality is the soul of enterprise development, and scientific and technological progress is the direction of progress. If the product quality, however, even if the service to do no matter how good, can not attract customers' eyes If you can not update the product, it will also be phased out of society. Under the guidance of such a guiding ideology, Hualong machinery in the fierce competition in the market has been in an invincible position, striving for China's best refractory equipment manufacturing enterprises.


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