Performance application about servo NC press machine(I)

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-18 14:45:16

    AC servo press machine represents the development direction of modern presses, its simple transmission structure, high precision and high rigidity of the fuselage, flexible control system, energy saving and environmental protection design concept, will be in complex forming processing, punching, stretching , Embossing, fine blanking and other processing technology to show a greater range of superiority. The traditional pneumatic clutch presses control the movement of the slider by means of a drive system consisting of AC induction motors, belts, flywheels, gears, control clutches and brakes. The effective process time is short during the entire work cycle, and the entire travel is idle for most of the time.

Performance application about servo NC press machine

    The biggest drawback of this type of press machine is that the stroke of the slider is single and the operating characteristics are fixed and can not be adjusted. With the continuous expansion of the scope of application of metal sheet processing equipment, the pressure function is required to provide more and more complicated processing technology and increasing the processing precision. The press machine must be able to meet the complicated forming process, compound forming processing, high precision forming process The With the electronic, computer, servo technology to enhance the use of AC servo motor directly as the power source of the press machine, the motor rotation into a linear motion of the slider, representing the development trend of modern presses machine.After continuous research and improvement, Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. through international cooperation and production and research combined to achieve a full CNC servo press machine research and development.

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