How to maintain press machine once speed down?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-21 11:55:39

     After using press machine by long time,the working speed must be slowdown more or less.and as the matter of fact,the maintenance engineer would better find out cause of issue to enhance the working speed
of press,we’ll talk about several situation as follows:

How to maintain press machine once speed down?

   While feeding movement of press machine,The progress of the load is significantly reduced, resulting in the cause of the problem and the corresponding treatment is summarized as follows:
1, the hydraulic pump failure, resulting in the output of the oil flow is small, low pressure. Exclusion method: Eliminate the pressure of the hydraulic pump output flow is small, the output pressure is low.
2, the system oil temperature increases, oil viscosity decreases, leakage increases, the effective flow reduction. Remedy: Take measures to control the oil temperature.
3, press machine hydraulic system design is unreasonable, when the load changes, the flow into the hydraulic actuator also changes accordingly, resulting in the implementation of component speed reduction. Remedy: Reasonable design of hydraulic system, so that the system does not change with the pressure changes.
4, the oil mixed with impurities, plug the flow control valve throttle, resulting in reduced working speed and instability. Remedy: Clean the flow valve and other components, replace the contaminated oil.
5, the hydraulic system into the air. Remedy: Clean the flow valve and other components, replace the contaminated oil. Remedy: to identify the reasons for the hydraulic system into the air, take measures to eliminate the air inside the hydraulic system.
6, the system components inside and outside the serious leakage into the implementation of the hydraulic cylinder to reduce the flow of oil. Elimination method: a clear internal and external leakage of the causes and location, to replace the wear and tear serious components and other measures to eliminate internal and external leakage.

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