re-manufacturing in press machine industry

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-05-05 16:30:32

    It is understood that as a production model of circular economy, through the re-manufacturing production of product quality and performance can meet or exceed new products. At the same time, because the re-manufacturing process is only the repair of the original parts processing, the cost is 50% of new products, and can save 60%, saving more than 70% of metal materials, it can greatly reduce the industrial manufacturing Environmental carrying capacity.
re-manufacturing in press machine industry

    Data show that China's industrial industry due to wear and corrosion and other reasons each year lead to equipment shutdown, scrap losses accounted for about 10% of GDP, the loss of up to 100 billion yuan; the same time, a huge waste of resources is undoubtedly caused by the ecological environment Difficult to predict the damage, and this has just started the re-manufacturing industry to provide a broad market space. If the re-manufacturing market can be fully developed will become another vast market of press machine, it is not difficult to understand some people will re-manufacturing industry as "excavation of urban gold mine."
    At present, there are still many people in the country there is doubt about the re-manufactured products, because the parts used are mostly recycled parts and then processed after the use of, so put the re-manufacturing machines and refurbished machines, two mobile phones Confused. Actually not the case. 
   re-manufacturing products 60% to 75% of the material after repair or repair without re-use, and then manufacturing enterprises through their own creative work to create a new product, the new product is not a simple recovery of recycled machinery or copy, However, due to the part of the reusable parts, especially some of the basic parts of the re-use, re-manufacturing products and recycled products and must have many similarities.
    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, focusing on the press machine industry has 37 years to ensure that the real re-manufacturing products. Most people wonder because at the beginning of the implementation of re-manufacturing products, some companies only because of immature technology or for the re-manufacturing understanding is not deep, the production of products and can not meet the requirements of re-manufacturing products, making users for re-manufacturing products The quality of the existence of doubt. 
     The so-called "do real re-manufacturing," a basic requirement is "re-manufacturing product performance and quality is not less than the prototype new products." Many people doubt whether this requirement can be achieved, this industry, some re-manufacturing experts fully recognized its possibility.
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     re-manufacturing experts also said that the re-manufacturing enterprises for the "re-manufacturing products is new, not a repair product, not second-hand products," this understanding not only from the favorable aspects of consideration, can not simply require users to admit it is new, and thus enthusiastic Purchase, and actively pay; to recognize this understanding is also on the re-manufacturing enterprise constraints and responsibilities, product performance and quality to achieve even more than the prototype machine is really re-manufacturing.
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     According to statistics, China's press machine machinery market has reached more than 600 million units, we should make full use of "re-manufacturing" to better "digest" old equipment, make it a benign circular economy model, so that the real estate industry For the development of China's press machinery industry to make greater contributions

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