The statement of servo press machine in China

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-05-23 14:21:24

   The development of modern manufacturing technology requires the press not only to high speed, high precision, large load operation, and should have greater flexibility, can quickly and easily change the output movement law. In recent years, the rapid development of powder forming, difficult forming material forming, complex shape parts forming, composite forming and high precision forming technology stamping equipment performance more stringent requirements, the urgent need to develop a new generation of flexible mechanical press machine.

The statement of servo press machine in China

   With the rapid progress of microelectronics technology, control technology and computer technology, various motor speed control and servo control technology has been developed by leaps and bounds. The application of servo drive system is almost all over the field of society, especially in the manufacturing industry The most extensive, a variety of machine tool moving parts of the speed control, motion trajectory control, position control. It can be said that the development of motor speed control and servo control technology has played an important role in promoting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. However, compared with the metal cutting machine, the press of the servo, digital development process behind decades. Ten years ago, in Japan, Europe and other industrial countries developed the exchange of servo motor direct drive press research and development, this servo press compared with the traditional press has a simple structure, high production efficiency, high product quality, Slider movement is flexible, noise reduction and other advantages of stars, known as the third generation of press machine. At present, this press has been in Japan into the popular period, with its automotive parts, electronic parts and other high-precision, difficult to form parts of the field of application and its excellent energy-saving, has shown that other press machine Comparable to the superiority of the world stamping technology and equipment development of one of the main direction of development. 
   Servo press has the characteristics of compound, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise and environmental protection, which makes its application more and more widely, and the application in forming process will become more and more important. The study of servo press is not only theoretically but also the social and economic benefits of the actual production, but also fully embodies the advanced ideas of energy saving and noise reduction in green manufacturing. It is foreseeable that servo press machine will play an increasingly important role in some important manufacturing areas, such as electronics, automotive and other precision manufacturing.
   At present, China's servo press technology start time is not too long, the market few mature products, developed countries, although mature products, but the price is more expensive, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of press machine 37 years, In recent years with a strong R & D production capacity, year after year replaced the foreign brands, in view of its broad application prospects, speed up the servo press technology research and development, to catch up with the world trend of equipment development, Has become a pressing tool for the industry's top priority.

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