Why is homogenization of material refractory production line more and more popular?

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-04-30 10:19:33

With the continuous development and progress of the society, all walks of life are also in continuous self-innovation. Automatic and intelligent refractory equipment is becoming more and more popular in refractory brick factories.Among them,homogenization of material refractory production line come into the market,become popular with refractory plant.So why homogenization of material refractory production line is so popular?

First, let's look at some pictures of the production site of refractory bricks.

one out of two

Haloong a customer out of two production site
one out of three

Haloong a customer out of three production site
one out of seven

Haloong a customer out of seven production site
one out of thirty-six

Haloong a customer out of 36 production site

From the above refractories production site, refractories multi - production line using the volumetric cloth method, can be a machine a mold, but also a machine multi - mold.Supporting hydraulic ejector, brick system, can realize automatic cloth, automatic molding, automatic brick, to achieve continuous production, one yard brick.The palletizing robot can also be installed to achieve unmanned production. Suitable for all kinds of powder forming and tailings. Industrial fine ash solid waste recycling.

This production mode has high requirements on the press, in addition to the strict control of the precision of the press, the reasonable design of the cloth system, is also a key point of the production line of many refractory materials.

Refractory production line by more and more refractory brick factory enterprises welcome, on the one hand, because it has a great increase in production capacity, to meet the needs of refractory brick factory, on the other hand, to solve the enterprise labor difficult labor expensive also has a great help, save labor.A press machine produces many bricks at the same time, which, to a great extent, reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

"Haloong tailor-made solutions according to customers' requirements. In many cases, it has exceeded customers' requirements, and customers are very satisfied." Haloong chief engineer Chang said in an interview about multi - production line.

Interview the chief engineer of Haloong

To sum up, refractory multi - refractory  production line, high production capacity, labor saving, reduce production costs, these factors determine it by the industry more and more favor and attention.

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