What aspects should be tested before the brick press machine machine leaves the factory

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-06-29 15:33:21

Brick press machine is an important production equipment for all kinds of product forming enterprises,so all enterprises are extremely cautious in the choice of brick press machine.As a manufacturer of brick press machine,we also strictly control and test the quality of products.Before the equipment leaves the factory,we carry out repeated test run experiments on the equipment.Take Hualong servo brick press machineas an example to say what to test before leaving the factory.

brick press machine

First,safety testing to ensure the protection of the production process

Before the safety test,it is necessary to check whether the electrical system is running normally.If it is normal for the next step,it can realize emergency braking and other safety protection measures in the case of simulated power outage and gas cut-off.

Second,strike force test,verify the electric screw brick press machinestrike force is stable

The striking strength of the press brick affects the forming density of the molding products.The servo press brick machine is driven by the servo motor,which can set the striking strength,striking speed,striking number and so on digitally.The quality inspector will set the corresponding strike pressure according to the different tonnage of the brick press machineequipment,and then measure its accuracy through the tonnage tester.

brick press machine

Third,strike speed test,whether can meet the set requirements

According to the requirements of the molding process of the products,the process may have different speed requirements.The quality inspector will simulate different changes of high and low speed to verify the stability and speed adjustability of the equipment.

Four,the whole machine test,the overall performance of the equipment to meet the requirements

After the completion of the performance tests,the whole machine of the brick press machine will be fully recirculated to confirm whether the overall comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable.

Servo brick press machine as an important equipment in the molding process,we should not only ensure the safety of the equipment to effectively protect the production,but also to achieve the stability of the mechanical properties of the equipment,in order to ensure the stable work of the brick press machine,to create profit space for customers,Zhengzhou Hualong is committed to escort the molding enterprises.

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