Magnesium carbon brick automatic production line

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-12-03 09:59:45

Firebrick automatic production line of Zhengzhou HALOONG machinery was based on more than 38 years of experience accumulation, combined with the production process of fire brick research and development and production of national patent products. Today, we will take you into the customer site of magnesia carbon brick and have a look at the automatic production line of magnesia carbon brick.

Because the full set of automatic production line equipment covers a large area, it cannot be completely photographed at one time. So, here provides an animation interface for basic reference.

Firebrick automatic production line

Fire brick automatic production line includes automatic batching, automatic mixing, automatic weighing and feeding, press automatic molding, automatic forming, automatic detection, and auto stacking.

Auto Batching

auto batching

Suitable for continuous measurement of materials and batching operations in the production process. Using this system can effectively improve batching accuracy, improve product quality, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, improve the working environment. Basically make the mixing workshop less dust, mixing work unmanned, reduce the production cost and management intensity of the enterprise, improve the level of production equipment technology and technology content of products.

Due to the height of the original workshop of the enterprise, it is impossible to achieve direct batching and mixing. Therefore, in view of the problems in the old factory building, it is necessary to first mix the ingredients, then move them to another warehouse by the feeding trolley, and then mix the materials by lifting them to the warehouse.When you want to build a new production line, you must plan the height of the workshop in advance.

Auto mixing

auto mixing

In the working process, the inner scraper pushes the material in the middle of the roller plate to the working area of the roller wheel, and the outer scraper cleans the material adhered to the wall. The material on the outer edge of the roller is pushed back to the working area of the roller, and the roller grinds and grinds the material; Stirring rotor blade will be compacted material upturned so that the material formed three-dimensional mixing.

Auto weighing and feeding system

auto weighing and feeding

Due to the difficulty in shooting the fully automatic feeding system, the picture of the feeding machine in another workshop of the enterprise is used instead.

Electric screw press

electric screw press

HALOONG HLDS series electric screw press is directly driven by servo motor. More humanized and intelligent. The slide block can realize the free transformation of single stroke high and low speed, suspend the strike, add the blanking device, the ejector rod can deair at any time (many times) during the strike process, and carry out the secondary feeding, the speed, pressure and the connecting hammer can completely replace the ordinary friction press. Servo motor control precision is high, with batch brick process parameters consistent, to ensure the consistency of product density and size, improve the product pass rate.

The above is the magnesium carbon brick automatic production line, Zhengzhou HALOONG machinery can provide customized firebirck automatic  production line according to the real situation of the customer's workshop.

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