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Author: haloong     Time: 2019-05-28 18:02:30

Transmission flange fork is the important part of automobile,it is the main part of connecting the transmission and drive axle, bearing high - speed transmission and is a complex shaped part.Its structure and processing craft directly affect the function of parts,then affect the vehicle power transmission’s effect, automobile transmission lflange fork is a component with complex shape.

This kind of forging has complex shape, the process is divided into sheet stamping, pre-forging, final forging.The main process of forging flange fork :The blank of the flange fork is obtained by exerting pressure to heating round billet in the flange fork bottom mold installed on the forging screw press bench,which produced by the flange fork's top mold on the forging screw  press slider vertically downward then give a dynamic action .

 forging flange fork blank

(The above picture is the producing scene of electric screw press forging flange fork blank of a client.)

The shape of transmission flange fork is relatively simple,but processing craft is complex,so in the process of material select, arrange the processing manufacturing procedure reasonably,design reasonable clamp,  confirm reasonable molding craft, choose the right forging screw press.Thus ensure the final quality of products.

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