NC press become refractory industry darling

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-08-08 10:47:52

The latest adjustment in the domestic refractories industry, the domestic press industry has relatively large fluctuations. In the press into NC press, the perfect function and processing of CNC punch press is more and more strong. Especially in Hualong machine CNC servo press for representing the vertical industry develop, in refractories press research and production, attention and actively with the world press technology standards.

In the entire press industry, the new equipment input to the target customers into a new development. At this point on the CNC machine sales performance is more prominent. So the domestic press are in transition to the CNC punch press, refractories enterprises equipment used in actively to change the direction of the NC press.
Zibo lead out of double disc friction press at the same time, so that more refractory companies see the development direction of late pressure molding equipment, also let more press enterprise transformation. For the Hualong machinery, in addition to their own development, for the development of the whole industry is also very attention to target customers. For the press industry is even more so. The press enterprise transformation CNC development speed is very fast, now each press enterprises, attaches great importance to press high technology research and development.
In the development of the whole industry chain, the press is a very important link. Change the traditional sales dilemma of the press, for the growth of the domestic press play a crucial role. The advantage of numerical control press is more and more obvious. For the current development of China Press, in technique and strength, at present CNC punch press has been in the industry a more advanced position. Good press products in the market is also very easy to get the market certainly. For users, it will be more convenient for the user's production and use.
Hualong machine CNC servo press by refractory industry hot Chong, will be more refractory material industry friction press transformation as a different direction. Let old refractories enterprises double disc friction press turn. Leading the whole press industry technology development direction.
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