Haloong fully launched the third generation CNC se

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-08-08 10:48:40

Recently, our take a number of initiatives, in the nationwide comprehensive promotion of its own independent intellectual property rights, is a proven mature of the third generation of electric screw press series products. Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980, has been 32 years of history. The company has a group of professional mechanical and electrical integration of R & D personnel, and a number of domestic and foreign higher colleges and universities cooperation, has been committed to the refractory material with press R & D, production and sales.
Since entering the new century, China's refractory industry has maintained a sustained and stable development trend, refractory materials production and sales has been ranked first in the world. However, China's refractory industry also faces the unreasonable product structure, product quality is stable, the current situation of higher proportion of low-end products, quality is difficult to control, the artificial high, large energy consumption, etc. is troubled refractories enterprises, green refractories potential strategic development is imperative. In recent years, various in refractories with study of electric screw press is very prosperous, market has appeared in the non brush DC motor drive, a switch reluctance motor drive, etc. the electric screw press products, than the traditional friction press has made great progress, but new problems in the control accuracy, equipment maintenance, extent attracted market challenge and see. [reproduced] Zhengzhou Hualong fully launched the third generation of CNC servo electric screw press Zhengzhou Hongfa Refractories Co., Ltd. the Zhengzhou Hualong NC press production site
Zhengzhou Hualong has also carried out the research and development of high efficiency and low carbon press. The researchers study Germany Weingarten, Lascaux, the characteristics of Japan and other Enomoto company production of electric screw press, research and development success with international advanced level of CNC servo electric screw press. Click here to give me a message
Zhengzhou Hualong HLDS series CNC press products, using water-cooled servo motor drive control, its performance is unmatched by other kinds of press. It has short stroke fast attack, double overload, long running temperature, free maintenance, more energy saving and other advantages, and can accurately control the thickness of brick, fast response speed, stable operation. In addition, Zhengzhou Hualong original automatic dilute oil, butter independent lubrication system, automatic periodic lubrication press six parts and is provided with alarm for shortage of oil, to protect the healthy operation of the equipment, increase equipment life. Zhengzhou Hualong is to press mechanism for the streamlining of the maximum optimization, removing the mechanical gearbox, not only did not have the energy conversion loss, still to the largest extent, the press maintenance free.
Because of its excellent technology and consistent reputation, Zhengzhou Hualong NC press by the advent of, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Guangdong and other places of the old customers will have on-line trial, in improve quality and control costs and other aspects have made an immediate effect. Whether is refractory factory equipment renewal, or new refractory factory procurement of new machine, through comparative understanding of customer, choosing Zhengzhou Hualong servo NC press.
Through strict theoretical arguments and market practice to verify, Zhengzhou Hualong think will NC press to more refractory material manufacturers recommend the timing of already matured, began in the positive publicity, hope can help refractories industry faster and better development.
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