Refractory press machine is new star in machinery industry

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-20 16:29:08

    Today, the development of refractory materials is changing, as well as different shapes of refractory products increased, the user demand for refractory products continue to improve, and focus on the refractory industry manufacturers have to face the problem both to produce customers to meet the growing demand for products, but also Facing the international and domestic industry competition. With the gradual improvement of living standards, personalized, the rise of a variety of trends, as well as customers of refractory products, density, shape, small, size and other different models are different materials.
     Halong Machinery focused on refractory industry 37 years, has been engaged in this refractory research and development work, digital control perfect simulation of manual operation, light pressure exhaust, short stroke fast hit. To achieve a different refractory processing. Such as magnesium carbon brick, high alumina brick, clay brick and other refractory products and high alumina ball and other fire-resistant ball products! From different models of different materials of refractory products point of view, this change reflects the Halong machinery in constant innovation, continuous progress, has been exploring new discoveries.
     Refractories industry in recent years continue to be sought after, for it "point of stone into the" refractory industry and speak, is also a high-profile development opportunities, efficient, energy saving, low consumption of CNC press machine machine play an increasingly important role. Halong mechanical CNC press machine are now produced by CNC press machine with large-scale, high efficiency, energy saving, reliability and automation direction, Halong Machinery from double-disc friction presses to switched reluctance electric screw presses to servo CNC electric screw press development, technology are constantly improving, the product is constantly improving, so that equipment is more in line with the current concept of energy efficient society. Hualong mechanical CNC press machine with low consumption, high efficiency, low operating costs, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., in the stone industry processing not only increased production capacity, reduce energy consumption, but also to ensure product size, and reduce the operator , To improve the working environment of workers, CNC press equipment superior performance will undoubtedly become a sought after refractory industry, the rapid development of a good assistant, but also brought a good opportunity for the development of high-profile machinery industry.

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