Servo brick press machine in which four aspects of saving worry and effort

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-06-18 15:14:14

In the past,a large number of workers are needed to complete the firebrick forming process,which has a large labor intensity and inconvenient personnel management.Now,with the application of servo brick press machine in the firebrick forming process,it not only strengthens the management,but also saves worry and effort.

 servo brick press machine

First,digital control,automatic completion of the whole process.

Servo brick press machine adopts digital control,according to the molding process needs of different products,digital setting of striking times,strength,speed,etc.,automatically complete the whole process.

Two,one button operation,new staff at any time

Servo brick press machine is a one-button operation,only simple training,new staff to work at any time,no mature press operator,press the start button can complete the whole set of striking process,save labor.

brick press machine

Three,real-time monitoring,automatic detection and report equipment failure

The servo brick press machine control system can monitor the running state of the equipment in real time,automatically detect and report the equipment failure,and the user can arrange personnel to repair according to the displayed fault information without delaying production.

Four,automatic lubrication,maintenance free

Servo brick press machine double lubrication system according to the requirements of the beam and guide rail respectively for timing,quantitative automatic lubrication,maintenance free,increase the service life of equipment,reduce production costs.

Servo brick press machine has the advantages of high automation,high intelligence and simple operation.It can automatically complete the whole process of forming,and the products produced are stable.At the same time,the whole process of production can be displayed in real time,which improves the management ability of enterprises.Both in production and management,the servo brick press machine can save the enterprise worry and effort,and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

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