What three changes will be brought to the enterprise after the transformation of the firebrick production line

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-12 15:49:52

With the continuous integration of the downstream industry,the requirements for refractory materials will gradually improve,and product upgrading and transformation will become the main development direction of the refractory materials industry in the future.In this regard,the refractories enterprises should speed up the application of new technology and promote the transformation and upgrading of the resistant material production line.What changes will the fire brick production line bring to the enterprise?

fire brick production line

First,realize the whole process of automatic production

In the past,the production line of refractory material enterprises needed a lot of manual assistance to complete the whole process,while the fire brick production line from batching,mixing,cloth,molding,testing,to palletizing are equipped with automatic equipment,the whole process of automatic production,to reduce the production cost of enterprises.

fire brick production line

Second,with the Internet of Things to achieve digital management

The fire brick production line is matched with the Internet of Things.By connecting the control system of the equipment in each link,the production process can be detected in real time,so as to realize the visualization of energy,equipment and production,so as to make the production more efficient,safer,more reliable and more convenient,so as to realize the digital management.

Third,help enterprises to automation,green chemical plants

The equipment equipped with each link of the fire brick production line adopts digital control,which can accurately control each step to achieve seamless docking,improve production efficiency,reduce pollution,and provide assistance for enterprises to step into an automated and green chemical plant.

The fire brick production line promotes the structural adjustment of products,speeds up the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading,and promotes the development of high-quality enterprises.

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