How to reduce production energy consumption of refractory material enterprises

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-13 15:10:59

The refractory material industry is a typical industry with high energy consumption.A large amount of electricity and gas will be consumed in the process of making raw materials and firing products.For example,the energy consumption of magnesia,corundum,silicon carbide and other refractory materials accounts for more than 2/5 of the total production cost.In order to reduce energy consumption,various places take energy dual control policy,many refractory materials enterprises are affected,that in the face of such a form of refractory materials enterprises what to do.

servo brick press

First,eliminate high energy consumption production equipment

Refractories enterprises mainly from energy-intensive production equipment energy consumption,therefore refractories enterprises should put those energy-consuming equipment eliminated,for example,the forming link brick press can be replaced by the servo brick press,the servo brick press adopts digital control,It only consumes power when the blow is forming,feeding,no energy loss at the time of the brick,clean up the mold,and the servo brick press machine as the center,construct refractories production line.

Second,build intelligent management system by using the Internet of Things and big data technology

In addition to the energy consumption of high-energy production equipment,the energy consumption of refractory materials enterprises is also caused by poor management.But with the development of technology,the Internet of things,big data technology has gradually matured,refractory material to build intelligent management system,and servo brick press and other resistant material production line equipment docking,the production,energy consumption,equipment status real-time detection,improve management ability,according to the energy consumption and other relevant information,to optimize and upgrade production technology and reduce energy consumption information.

brick press

Third,keep up with the policy situation and reduce the impact

In order to reduce energy consumption,relevant policies have been introduced in various places,and refractory material enterprises should grasp relevant information in time,adjust production mode in time,and reduce the impact of policies.

Under the new situation that the whole industry promotes energy saving and consumption reduction,the resistant material enterprises should start from many aspects,such as technological innovation,structure optimization and management reform,and fundamentally pay attention to the comprehensive management of enterprise energy efficiency,so as to achieve higher output with lower energy consumption and less environmental impact.

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