Look at the three directions of resistant material development

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-08-31 10:44:27

On the morning of July 15, the third member representative conference of Xinmi Refractory Industry Association was held in Xinmi.  The conference passed the articles of association of Xinmi Refractory Industry, elected the third session of Xinmi Refractory industry Association 162 units, the third session of Xinmi Refractory industry association 57 standing director units.  The convening of this conference indicates three things about the development of Henan refractory industry:  

First, the timber industry in structural adjustment, scientific and technological innovation  

Refractories industry structural adjustment in recent years, science and technology innovation, equipment upgrading, green manufacturing has achieved remarkable results, but there is still a competition, profits thin, technological upgrading, and the lack of r&d plus some users blindly pursue low price bidding, to a certain extent, to protect the poor quality, environmental protection standards, equipment backward enterprises, encourage the disorderly competition,  Increased the elimination of backward, improve the difficulty of concentration, these problems are caused by our refractory industry, we need to continue to study and improve.  

Second, pay attention to the improvement of automatic intelligent equipment  

Under the requirements of national carbon peak, carbon neutral and green policies, enterprises should respond positively, clarify their main responsibilities, change their ideas, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, adhere to collaborative innovation, and work hard in research and development to seek breakthroughs.  Enterprises are required to take measures according to local conditions according to the overall situation of specific varieties, technology, brick type, scale, site, etc. Advanced experience can be used for reference, but not blindly follow the trend.  

Third, with the continuous improvement of equipment level, we will continue to cultivate and supplement all kinds of professionals in technology, machinery, automation and other fields  

To make technological innovation in major industrial machinery, basic equipment and basic technology, promote industrialization process and support technological transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction, all of which urgently require a group of sophisticated professional and technical personnel.  

Henan refractory material enterprises in the overall do a good job of the enterprise at the same time, should actively create conditions to strive for the national ministry of access announcement management enterprise, creating national high and new technology enterprise, strive for specialization, the new enterprise, creating new refractory material high quality development demonstration enterprise, actively support and participate in creating new type of refractory material on the provincial and municipal level (high temperature) new materials technology innovation center,  Use of all kinds of technology research and development platform, aim at high temperature carbon industry, national defense war industry, new energy industry of peak, the aim of carbon neutral, in henan province to establish a real national new material research and development, production and export base, become the refractory demonstration park and green industry of national new industrialization demonstration base, for economic and henan, henan economic development to make greater contribution!  

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