What are the methods of powder molding?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-12-15 11:19:40

Powder molding is the process of compactness of loose powder into a blank body with desired shape and size as well as certain density and strength. A variety of powder forming methods have been developed. There are mainly pressing molding and injection molding. Pressing molding is commonly used in molding.

powder molding

Molding is a method of forming loose powder in steel die into billet. It has mature technology, simple process and low cost, it is suitable for mass production. Molding technology is widely used at present.

powder molding

There are many pressing methods in production,such as unidirectional pressing, bidirectional pressing, floating pressing, friction pressing, pull down the mold pressing system.The density distribution of the blank obtained by different pressing methods is different.Unidirectional pressing has the worst density uniformity, but it is widely used because of its simple die structure and convenient operation. The purpose of bidirectional pressing is to reduce the pressure loss, which is caused by friction caused by powder pressing.

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