Refractory brick distribution machine----star product of automation in refractory industry

Author: haloong     Time: 2022-04-28 17:16:12

With the continuous improvement of the government's requirements for the refractory industry and the continuous call and evaluation of green refractories and green factories, more and more refractory companies have begun to respond to the call for automation. In terms of the current situation of refractory enterprises, there are still many refractory enterprises whose production is completed by a large number of manual operations. The refractory brick distribution machine has the advantages of intelligent operation, weighing calibration, brick type single weight adjustment, intelligent protection, output report export, complete machine movement, surplus material clearance and other advantages, which strengthens the management of the enterprise and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

Refractory brick distribution machine realizes automation and reduces labor intensity

The refractory brick distribution machine automatically distributes, weighs and loads materials according to the parameters set by the user. The whole process is completed automatically without manual participation, which makes the accuracy of the product controllable and ensures the consistency of the refractory bricks after they are formed. At the same time, it reduces the labor cost for the enterprise, changes the need for a large amount of human assistance to complete the work, and reduces the labor intensity.

 refractory brick distribution machine

The refractory brick distribution machine lays the foundation for the automation of the whole line

The refractory brick distribution machine plays a linking role in the powder molding production line. The upper part can be connected to the mixer, and the lower part can be seamlessly connected with the servo electric screw press, which lays the foundation for the automation of the powder molding production line. At the same time, the refractory brick placing machine can collect statistics on production data, and automatically generate daily reports on the unit weight, daily output, monthly output and annual output of various brick types, providing data support for the improvement of the refractory brick molding process, thereby improving production efficiency.

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