Two advantages of servo electric screw press to promote enterprises to reduce costs and increase income

Author: haloong     Time: 2022-05-11 17:34:16

In the production process of refractory enterprises, the forming process is very important, and the servo electric screw press, as the leader in the forming equipment, can reduce the cost and increase the income of the company. At present, the management quality of refractory enterprises has improved, but the contradictions such as large but not strong, backward and overcapacity still exist. Refractory companies will be further integrated, and backward companies will be eliminated. If they do not want to be eliminated, they must make changes.

1. High quality, automatic and intelligent docking

Servo electric screw press 2.0 frame body, can withstand tens of millions of blows within 10 years, can be seamlessly connected to automation and intelligence, and realize fully automated production; and the servo electric screw press has a wide worktable, which can achieve more than one product. , improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

servo electric screw press

2. Extend and expand the product process to create more high value-added products

The servo electric screw press adopts digital control, has a fast response speed, can precisely control the striking energy, and realize flexible control. It not only extends and expands the product process for the enterprise and creates more high value-added products, but also reduces the production energy consumption of the enterprise.

Servo electric screw press has a high degree of automation and intelligence, which can effectively reduce production costs and increase corporate profits. At the same time, servo electric screw press can be seamlessly connected with other automation equipment, laying the foundation for full automation.

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