We know instantly what is refractory brick molding at the sight of Haloong's animation video

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-05-22 14:44:59

With the development and demand of the enterprise, many customers at home and abroad want to build a new refractory material factory. However, due to the lack of industry experience or not involved in the industry, they are very strange to the production and manufacturing of refractory bricks and the process. Zhengzhou Haloong made the firebrick molding process into an animation, let us understand what the firebrick molding is immediately.

From raw materials to refractory bricks, Haloong shows the molding process of refractory bricks through animation, so that you can know the production process of refractory bricks at a glance, and understand the automatic operation of firebrick molding clearly at the same time.

raw material transport

The raw material is lifted to the fixed belt by the lifting device, and then transported to the designated raw material warehouse by the moving belt conveyor.

According to the formula, the batching truck will automatically measure the material in order.


The mixed material is fed into the mixer, and the liquid additive can be added automatically according to the production process.

Auto Material Weighing Feeding System

After the raw materials are fully mixed by the mixer, they are put into the weighing bin and weighed by the automatic weighing device.

electric screw press

After weighing, feeding into the grinding tool frame. Then the press finish the molding automatically.

Online testing system

After molding, it is taken out by the manipulator and put into the assembly line. Online testing system, online testing, will reject unqualified products.

Robot for Pick Bricks

Finally, the robot takes the bricks and stacks them.

From raw materials to lift, compounding to raw brick molding, palletizing. Refractory brick molding animation clearly let each of us know the process of refractory brick molding.


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