Zhengzhou Hualong focus on powder forming equipment research and development, with 41 years of technology and world exchanges

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-10-08 11:57:02

one, 41 years of focus on powder forming equipment and the whole line of automatic production line research and development  

Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery was founded in 1980, engaged in refractory related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales has 41 years of history.  The main products are: HLDS series CNC press, automatic weighing and distributing machine, automatic firebrick production line, automatic homogenizing material production line, brick stacking robot, automatic batching system, etc., and has passed the CE certification of the European Union, and is rated as "national high-tech enterprise".  It improves the automation  refractory materials in the whole process from raw material powder crushing, batching, mixing, forming and brick production.  

Timber-resistant automation

Two, from manual to electric, from program control to numerical control, from automation  refractory, unmanned product development process.  

From 1996, the first generation of double disc friction press was launched, to 2018, hualong Cloud network, visual management system was launched.  All the way, from manual to electric, from program control to numerical control, from automation to intelligence, information the whole development process, are based on our customers in the actual production process feedback, continuous optimization and come.  Step by step innovation, the interpretation of our not to do equipment and equipment, only for the customer's production process and equipment concept.  

Timber-resistant automation

Three, 14 years, service at home and abroad 500 large powder molding enterprises  

With the extensive radiation of zhengzhou Hualong brand in the domestic major refractory material concentration area, Zhengzhou Hualong has established close cooperation with China Steel, Punai, Lear, Baotou Steel, Panzhihua steel and other major group enterprises.  In the international field of refractory materials, Belgium, Poland, Russia, India, Vietnam and other countries have been included in hualong equipment, and the world's top ten refractory materials group companies RHI, Germany Refa, PCO and so on to establish in-depth strategic cooperation.  

Start from design, fine and craft, focus on processing, into the assembly, with professional technology to manufacture professional equipment, with a professional attitude to create professional service, we warmly welcome major enterprises sincere cooperation!  

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