Reuse of refractory materials

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-12-30 16:19:13

Resources are important for all countries, especially for many non-renewable resources. More and more attention has been paid to the recycling of used refractory materials.ome countries, especially developed countries, attach great importance to the reuse of used refractories, from the perspective of resources and environmental protection, and even formulate laws and regulations to strictly limit the discharge of used refractories, which greatly promotes the research on the reuse of used refractories.In China, the research on the reuse of used refractories started late and the reuse rate is relatively low.

Refractories are often discarded due to erosion or peeling of working surfaces during use. According to incomplete statistics, more than 8 million tons of used refractories are produced every year.These used refractories are seldom used scientifically and efficiently, and most of them are buried in situ or degraded to use, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution.If it can be fully and effectively utilized, it can not only reduce the mining amount of refractory minerals, reduce the cost and energy consumption in the production and preparation of refractory raw materials, but also save the transportation cost of refractory raw materials, which is conducive to resource saving, energy saving and environmental protection, and has significant economic and social benefits.

The reusing of the used refractory material in an enterprise is well carried out. The castable of the main trench of the blast furnace has been fully recovered and used as the raw material of the slag trench castable. The regenerated magnesia carbon brick prepared after the regenerated magnesia carbon brick has the advantages of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance and long service life.

site of a refractory client

An enterprise uses aluminum and magnesium carbon residual brick classification, remove impurities, artificial muck layer and transition layer eradication, and magnetic separation and hydration treatment.

An enterprise uses aluminum-carbon refractory for iron ditch ramming to replace part of the high aluminum. The company USES magnesia-chrome brick as raw material and adds it to RH gunning material in a certain proportion. At the same time, the regenerated magnesia-chrome brick has good performance and good application prospect in cement kiln and RH non-key parts.

An enterprise uses aluminum and magnesium castables for ladle lining as raw materials to prepare castables for inner lining of water jacket and inner lining of permanent layer. Its application not only meets the requirements of service performance, but also prolongs the service life of the intermediate coating by 40 times.

Domestic researchers also put forward that by adding an appropriate amount of beneficial oxides to the used refractories, the high temperature properties can be improved and optimized to prepare high quality modified materials. The high quality raw materials were synthesized by the second calcination of ultrafine mill.Mullite was synthesized from clay brick and slide brick after use. Rear sliding board brick composite screen-sialon; MgAlON and other oxide and non-oxide composite materials are synthesized by using post-use slide brick and post-use magnesium-carbon brick, so that the products have excellent properties such as high strength, thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance, and are used as new and efficient refractories in the key parts of high-temperature equipment, thus realizing effective utilization of resources and energy.

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