Molding of refractory material preparation process (II)

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-06-03 14:39:27

At present, the mechanical equipment used for forming refractory body mainly includes friction brick press, electric screw press, hydraulic press, etc. As for the specific type of equipment to be selected in production, it shall be decided according to the shape, size, performance requirements, production quantity and other factors.

(1)Friction press
A brick press that uses a friction wheel to drive the slider up and down reciprocating motion through the lead screw. The brick press has a simple structure. The commonly used friction brick press has a nominal pressure of 1600kN,3000kN,4000kN, and a high tonnage of 6500kN,10000kN,15000kN, etc.But in recent years, because of the friction brick press energy consumption, low efficiency, low safety coefficient, has been included in the national elimination of products. , the friction brick press was gradually eliminated.

(2)Hydraulic friction brick press
It is advisable to apply low pressure at the beginning of the brick pressing process to exhaust the formed mud in the brick mould. Using the impact force produced by the friction mechanism to hit the block, the brick is pressed. This kind of brick pressing machine combines hydraulic press and friction pressure structure, but the cost is high.

(3)Hydraulic brick press
The machine is characterized by using hydraulic pressure to transfer energy to produce static pressure, to meet the requirements of refractory molding process. The equipment cost of hydraulic brick press is high and the maintenance is complicated.

(4) Isostatic press
Through the transfer of liquid or gas pressure to the blank body in all directions uniform pressure to obtain compact forming. Isostatic press is divided into cold isostatic press and hot isostatic pressure two. Due to the high cost and low production efficiency of isostatic press, it is not widely used.

(5) Electric screw brick press
Electric screw press has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation and small maintenance workload. The electric screw brick press produced by Haloong has accurate energy control and high stroke times. According to the forming process of firebrick, the striking force and striking energy can be adjusted, the forming precision of products is high, the die stress is small, the die service life is long.

Haloong electric screw  press adopts advanced servo motor drive and control technology, when the press is working, it will not have an impact on the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment. Compared with the hydraulic screw press, there is no need for complex hydraulic drive equipment, no hydraulic oil leakage and environmental pollution and hydraulic failure.Compared with the friction screw press, the frictionless disc, horizontal shaft and other intermediate transmission devices and the friction belt wear parts have fewer parts, high reliability and good accuracy. The electric screw brick press has no fixed lower dead point, so it is not necessary to adjust the height of the die.
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