Why does the refractory material enterprise pay so much attention to the automatic fire brick production line

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-06 15:53:05

With the normalization of the environmental protection production limit policy and the deepening of the emission reduction policy,it is imperative to accelerate the transfer of production capacity and industrial upgrading.Legally compliant resistant material enterprises are more likely to enjoy the policy dividend and gain a broader market space,while those high pollution and high energy consumption enterprises will be removed from the market.

In the face of the above situation,the resistant material enterprises need to introduce precision processing equipment and upgrade the resistant material production line,so as to change the production mode,reduce the production energy consumption and realize cleaner production.Take Hualong automatic fire brick production line as an example to talk about why we need to transform the refractory material production line.

fire brick production line

First,automatic production,reduce energy consumption

Hualong automatic fire brick production line each link is equipped with precision processing equipment,can be seamless,the whole process of automatic production,to achieve in the production before,during and after the whole process of information integration,intelligent equipment collaboration;Reduce energy consumption and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

Two,the production process of environmental protection

Hualong automatic production line equipment controlled by PLC system can accurately control each step of the production process,and each link can be seamless,effectively reduce the dust pollution in the production process,to ensure the production process of environmental protection.

fire brick production line

Third,to optimize the production process,to provide accurate data

From the batching,mixing,cloth,molding,testing each link is controlled by the PLC system,digital setting process flow,accurate control of each step,and can collect and analyze the production data,for enterprises to optimize the production process to provide accurate data support.

As a resistant material enterprise,it must not only deal with the fierce market competition,but also face the pressure of environmental protection and emission reduction.Crisis and opportunity coexist,enterprises should seek opportunities in the crisis,seize the opportunity;Hualong automatic firebrick production line for refractory materials enterprises to achieve green development to provide strong support

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