How to see the resistant material enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-15 15:33:44

At present,there is still a large gap between different enterprises,domestic and international enterprises in the energy consumption per unit product of refractory materials enterprises,and there is room for further improvement.For the resistant material enterprises which are highly dependent on energy,energy saving and consumption reduction is not only the requirement of industrial policy,but also an effective means to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

 servo brick press

Due to the strength of small and medium-sized enterprises of refractory materials,equipment and technology are somewhat backward,and it is inevitable that waste will be caused in the process of refractory brick forming.In the current situation,resistant material small and medium-sized enterprises if not to make changes,will be eliminated or annexed.That resistant material enterprise how to achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

First,take servo technology as the core to upgrade the brick press

At present,most of the forming equipment used by the resistant material enterprises is servo brick press.Therefore,the resistant material enterprises can take servo technology as the core to upgrade the brick press or directly buy the servo brick press to replace the original molding equipment;The upgraded brick press,driven by servo technology,realizes digital control and precise control of striking energy.Only energy consumption is generated when striking,which saves 55%electricity for the enterprise.

brick press

Second,to improve the production process

According to the feedback information of the reformed servo press,the resistant material enterprises can make a comprehensive analysis to find out the deficiency of the production process,and then improve the production process to improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.

Third,increase investment in research and development of new firebrick

With the continuous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction policies,the downstream industry of refractory materials has been impacted,increasing the demand for high-quality and environmentally friendly refractory bricks.The refractory material enterprises should increase the investment in the research and development of new refractory bricks to increase the profit points of enterprises.

As a resistant material enterprises should always pay attention to the change of the situation,to make appropriate response.Servo brick press adopts digital control,can automatically complete the whole process,convenient management,for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency to create a good condition,for the enterprise development has provided a strong power.

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