The brick detection system provides three aspects of technical support for production process improvement

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-30 15:27:44

The brick test system is the end of the fire brick production line.It is a system formed by the seamless docking of the test system with servo electric screw press and robot,responsible for quality control.In the brick testing system did not appear before the resistant material enterprises rely on manual testing,but manual testing inevitably error,and manual palletizing labor intensity,low efficiency.The brick detection system does not have the above defects,the brick detection system for production process improvement to provide what three technical support.

fire brick production line

First,automatic detection,marking unqualified products and eliminate

After the completion of the refractory brick molding process,the robot will take it out and put it on the conveying line.On the conveying line,the automatic detection system will detect the size,single weight and spalling of the products,and mark the unqualified finished products and then eliminate them.The whole process is controlled by the equipment,which reduces the intervention of human factors and greatly improves the efficiency.

Second,Statistic the quantity of nonconforming products and generate data report

The brick detection system will mark the unqualified products,and record the number of unqualified products,generate reports,convenient for the management of enterprises to query.

fire brick production line

Thirdly,for the management of the enterprise production process analysis,provide accurate data

According to the report generated by the testing system,the enterprise management obtains the qualified rate of products,and according to the conclusion,improves the process to improve the quality of products.

The brick detection system is the end of the fire brick production line,which checks the quality of the produced products and provides data support for enterprises to improve the production process.At the same time,the brick detection system reduces the manual labor intensity and improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

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