Can you seize the new opportunity of rapid development of refractory enterprises?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-09-24 11:26:31

After the exploration and development of the refractory industry in recent years, the industry is improving as a whole. In the process of the integration of the whole industrial chain of the high-temperature industry, the development opportunities of the refractory industry will be fully reflected in the following aspects:  

1. Role change in business model, refractory material enterprise from raw material supplier to process service partner transformation.  

In traditional cooperation mode of transactions, refractories industry quality control is difficult, the end user cost control difficult, life is difficult to guarantee, in refractories enterprises after the transition, however, to achieve a win-win situation, reduce the loss of the industry cost, refractories enterprises and the quality of the end user testing process simplified, sharing scientific research team, under the leading of this model refractory material profit space,  Diversified business models.  

Refractory  industry

2. The industrial layout is getting drier and better.  

Beijing Lear annual report disclosed that volume and price in 2020, but the gross profit under the same caliber slightly decreased.  The reason is that the price of raw materials rises, but the conduction to the terminal is blocked, so the bidirectional pressure of refractory enterprises.  Therefore, if the refractory enterprises can achieve the whole industrial layout, the raw material end into the enterprise business chain, to achieve controllable costs, the steady development of the enterprise is optimistic.  

Refractory industry and high temperature industry coexist, play an irreplaceable role, in the future will be fully integrated with the downstream industry, become a green environmental protection industry, highly automated and intelligent industry, in the realization of economic benefits of enterprises, make full use of social resources, industrial upgrading, achieve considerable development.  

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