(1) Dose smog corrode the press machine ?

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-29 15:53:41

 whether people ,plants ,animals or fungus suffer from the terrible haze,but now,even the press machinery .anyway,let’s listen to how professor cheng say about this.
  In order to explore the haze of corrosion hazards, recently interviewed the Beijing University of Science and Technology Corrosion and corrosion center of Cheng Xuequn associate professor, listening to experts about the haze weather caused by outdoor metal corrosion damage. The following is an interview record.
Chinese Society For Corrosion And Protection:Frequent domestic haze recent weather, exposure to the metal in the atmosphere caused some damage, then the haze is how the metal corrosion of the atmosphere?
corrosion press machine
Cheng Xuequn:We know that the main component of haze is sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and respirable particles of these three. When the metal surface covering the particles from the atmosphere or the formation of soluble substances, the moisture in the atmosphere will give priority to cohesion, called chemical cohesion. For example, the humidity of the atmosphere is less than 60%, but the relative humidity of the metal surface exceeds 60% due to the presence of haze, thus increasing the corrosion rate of the metal.
    On the other hand, haze in the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide dissolved in water is acidic, but also increases the conductivity of the surface of the liquid film, the metal in acidic conditions, the corrosion rate is often fast. Although the inhalable particles in the haze are not corrosive and do not adsorb corrosive substances, the localized corrosion of the oxygen concentration due to the condensation of water is liable to occur.
    Fog in the small particles to accelerate the role of atmospheric corrosion can be easily confirmed. Such as the same two iron samples placed in indoor atmospheric environment, one of them with a cloth shield to prevent dust falling on the metal surface. After a few months, the shielded samples often did not rust, weight loss is very small, while the other samples are rust layer serious.
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