Performance application about servo NC press machine(II)

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-18 14:16:20

specifeic performance about servo nc press machine

The Application of Compound Torsional Drive Mechanism
    To abandon the traditional flywheel, clutch device of press machine, change the rotation movement of motor into slider’s linear motion, then use of the composite transmission mechanism, a greater degree of reduction of the power source torque requirements, in order to achieve low-power AC servo The motor drives the function of large tonnage press machine.
Energy saving, environmental protection with low-carbon economy design concept:
    Servo press machine eliminates flywheel, saves flywheel idle energy consumption and clutch friction energy consumption, slider start / stop does not occur friction shock and vibration, greatly reduce the machine failure rate, and because of different stamping process corresponding to different modes of operation, through Optimize the slider running curve, greatly improving the on-site work environment.
Development and Application of Open Specialized Numerical Control System:
    The use of open system, the second development, the development of servo press machine dedicated control system, the system has a high flexibility, the system built a variety of models to facilitate the producers call. Can be in the man-machine interface through the parameter settings, for different stamping process, modulation of the optimal slider trajectory and stamping curve.
Real-time monitoring signal acquisition, processing and feedback applications
    To achieve the safe production of press machine is the premise of the design of the press, need to use different types of sensors and CNC system interface, the development of real-time monitoring system, real-time monitoring and acquisition of machine work status, through the high-performance man-machine interface intuitive The operator displays the working parameters and status of the machine in the form of a line graph or an animation, and warns of the possible malfunction of the machine tool, avoids the occurrence of major accidents and improves the safety of the machine operation.
     Servo press machine with its simple transmission structure, high-precision moving parts, high-rigidity of the fuselage, high intelligence, user-friendly control system, energy saving and environmental protection design concept, in the formation of complex processing, high-precision forming and other fields widely used.

Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. After years of research, has completed the development of the servo press, improve the application of energy management unit, the application of new materials and new technologies to provide the necessary technical support for the cost of the Effective control. Which laid a foundation for large-scale servo presses to market.

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