CNC press India merchants highly appreciate

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-08-08 10:44:18

Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. R & D and manufacturing of CNC punch press is the first brand of domestic refractory material processing equipment in the field. Advanced technology and excellent quality not only won the domestic industry generally recognized and highly valued, and attracted overseas customers inquiries. Only 2011 a year, through the import and export trading company, customer referrals, and even online indirect direct contact?
Overseas consulting broke through 20. "But also the context of the global economic crisis has consulted this amount, is confident of our overseas market in 2012!" Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery General Guo said smugly.
During the Christmas in 2011, a well-known Indian international business company customers to visit Henan, one of the designated travel is the visit in Zhengzhou National hi tech Industrial Development Zone of Zhengzhou Hualong. Facing the Hualong NC press with high efficiency and high quality production process of demonstration, Indian businessmen praise, said Hualong NC press this, environmental protection, green energy-saving professional equipment is very suitable for the needs of the current development of India, very confident of customer development.
They also detailed study of the Zhengzhou Hualong other large-scale production base, the Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. production capacity and product quality, service quality are very satisfied. Before leaving, the Indian businessmen to repeatedly stressed that their visit is after many visits to finalize the selection, and facts have proved a worthwhile trip, sincerely hope that with Zhengzhou Hualong of long-term good relations of cooperation.
After 1 months of business contacts, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery open CNC press India market finally loading off. "Chinese equipment, to the world" is our mission since Zhengzhou Hualong founded 30 years. With the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, NC press to create China products in the international arena in the spring of mechanical equipment.

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