Renovation of Manual Friction Press

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-05-02 18:13:07

     Manual friction press was born between 70 ~ 80 years, friction press is a versatile strong pressure processing machine, in the pressure processing can use a variety of industries. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, simple operation and low cost of auxiliary equipment, and is widely used in stamping, forging and forging, punching and so on in machinery manufacturing, automobile, tractor and aviation industries, Tuowa dry pressure molding, especially in the refractory industry molding processing.

As the working principle of the friction press, the motor from the beginning to the end of the full speed of full-load operation, such as refractory brick processing used in double-disc friction press, since the start of the double friction plate began to continue to rotate, only to combat the effective energy consumption, And in the material, a brick, clean up the mold, the energy has been lost in vain. Friction presses rely on human or mechanical movement of the horizontal axis to control the friction plate transmission power, it is difficult to ensure the precise implementation of the process parameters, resulting in low pass rate of products; and skilled operators skilled, high labor intensity, high security risk; Horizontal axis vulnerable, maintenance and other large number of unfavorable factors.
    In 1999, approved by the State Council, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a "elimination of backward production capacity, technology and products directory (the first batch)", which double disc friction press has been impressively. Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "industrial structure adjustment guide directory", and several times to double disc friction press included in the elimination of products. In the refractory industry gathered in one of the Zibo City, Shandong Province, due to the application of a large number of double-disc friction presses seriously violate the national energy-saving emission reduction requirements, Zibo municipal government in 2011 issued a multi-sector jointly "Zibo City 2011 ~ 2013 double Plate friction press energy-saving upgrade transformation of the implementation of the program, "the notice, requiring a comprehensive elimination of friction presses. As a result of environmental protection and economic development, more similar laws and regulations are also brewing, and will be promulgated.
    Zhengzhou Hualong mechanical research and development of friction press transformation technology using permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive, is the first in the field of press transformation of the national patent certificate of the enterprise. Manual friction press after transformation to achieve single-stroke high and low speed free transition, all digital simulation manual operation; even hammer effect is good, a minute to 150 times; transmission chain short, reduce the wearing parts, thereby reducing equipment maintenance and repair costs; double brake, High safety factor; saving more than 55%. Using servo drive controller, precise control of brick thickness, fast response, run more smoothly. Automatic oil, butter independent lubrication system at the same time when the machine is equipped with an alarm when the oil shortage, to remind the operator to add in time. But also to achieve maintenance-free, to ensure the healthy operation of equipment, increase equipment life and reduce maintenance costs. After the transformation of the electric screw press without mechanical gearbox, no energy conversion, reduce the point of failure. Less wearing parts, simple operation, increase equipment life, reduce maintenance costs.
    Manual friction presses to change the effect of electric screw press effect:
1. After the transformation of single-stroke high and low speed can be free to change, high efficiency.
2. To achieve digital control, complete simulation of manual operation, even hammer effect is good, 10 mm stroke 150 times / min, 50 mm stroke 66 times / min.
3. Refractory material molding products of high quality, continuous combat speed is very fast.
4. Product consistency is good, high pass rate.
5. Can suppress the specific bricks and 37 holes (including 37 holes) The following porous lattice brick, combined mold brick, for a variety of materials, a variety of brick production of better results.
6. Energy control is accurate, reduce the high degree of automation personnel.
7. Short drive chain, less wearing parts, thereby reducing equipment maintenance costs.
8. Energy efficient, save a person, saving 55%.
9. High safety factor, double brake and install emergency stop button.
10. stable performance, than the traditional motor and switched reluctance motor running more stable, low noise and high accuracy.
    Manual friction presses to change the electric screw press is now a trend, the operation of the press after the transformation, save a lot of costs. To bring more benefits to the enterprise. Zhengzhou Hualong mechanical transformation of the press after the four safety protection system, the effective protection of artificial safety, less wearing parts, low maintenance costs.

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