Refractories Association recommended green servo

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-08-08 10:45:34

Li Kemin, Deputy Secretary General of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association
Deputy Secretary General of China iron and steel industry association chairman Li Kemin made five wishes on the development during the twelfth five refractory technology:
A refractory, quality and application to improve the technical level, consumption dropped to 12kg/t steel;
Two, new metallurgical technology and clean steel smelting refractory service life reached the international advanced level;
Three, unshaped refractory production and application for the proportion increased to more than 60%;
Five, realize the production, processing and application of refractory equipment automation and information technology.
Li Kemin hope China refractories industry should pay attention to the refractories industry science and technology innovation, not only to for a major national science and technology support for the project, strive for the support of the government department in charge of policy, but also aimed at the international advanced level, enterprise organization innovation achievements, continue to promote the industry development of science and technology and innovation, and promote the sustained and healthy development of China's refractory industry.
Executive vice president Xu Dianli informed the production and operation status of the national refractories industry in the first three quarters of this year at the meeting. School of materials and metallurgy Wuhan University of Science and Technology made a focus on research and innovation, promote the development of the industry to introduce the experience in the meeting.
The meeting, refractory quality and refractory materials production and processing equipment, automation and information technology for refractory enterprises pointed out the development direction, Hualong machinery as the only one focused on refractory press enterprise. In the meeting by the majority of refractory enterprises respected 0.32 to Hualong machinery use of their human, material, technology and other advantages, independent research and development of the third generation permanent magnet synchronous CNC press. The use of advanced servo control technology at home and abroad, a single high speed digital analog conversion free completely manual operation, 10 mm stroke 150 times per minute. The only domestic industry. Energy saving and environmental protection, human security.
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