The history and use of screw press

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-11-16 17:13:26

Screw press is the Generic Terms of press machinery,which point to by more than a set of the outer bolt and inner bolt rotate in the framework and produce applied pressure  

Screw presses can be divided into two ways, one is to add torque on bolts then produce static pressure, the other is concentrating all the spiral energy of flywheel
which fixed in the bolt and forming. And in Past practice is called as friction pressure machine.the friction only means a kind of a way ,which how the energy transmited by the bolt roller, and producing power by bolt structure.  Recently, the screw servo press which you can see in the market, in fact it is the slider up and down through the bolt torque, is considered to a kind of screw press.

Haloong machinery screw presses controlled by permanent magnetic synchronous servomotor,consisted by framework ,flywheel,bolt,nut,slide,oil feeding parts,brake parts, servomotor,the electric control cabinet,operation button.

The working principle of screw press is giving commend by servo control system,and then flywheel put the bolt rotating as well as motor start.then reciprocate replace the rotate,and complete beat motion. Whats more,the beat,speed,times were controlled by digital.


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