Why reluctance motor were weed out by Haloong’s CNC presses

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-08 09:41:01

The first generation press machine of Haloong adopts reluctance motor, from the second generation and until now the forth generation, we keep using servomotor. During the process of improving, the difference analysis are stated as below according to user’s using effect.
   Servomotor has much higher precision. reluctance motor is called never bad motor, that is because if a group or several group of coil are burn out, the reluctance motor can still work. Just cause  the speed slow down and won't stop suddenly. This feature can not be shown on non-precision control machine, such as mining machinery, mine coal machinery etc. But if the products need high precision control motor, such as the motor used on the pressing machine for producing refractory molding products, the coil's burn out will cause  the  change of density and dimension. While, this change can not be seen by eye, only can be found during measurement. 
    The size of reluctanc motor is 2 times of servomotor, heat dissipation is not good, noisy and unable to make emergency brake. Besides, reluctance motor has big start-up current, big impact on the power grid, belongs to analog signal control , precision is not enough and need to be equipped with a frequency conveter can be realize the so called program controlled reluctantly. So the cnc presses machine adopts reluctance motor is called electric SPC press
    Servomotor is the real digital control motor, which can digitally set  the speed, angular velocity, torque, dynamics and pulse signal(rotator a circle of 360 degree can set 10000 pulse signal) by NC programming freely. Servomotor is used widely in the global high-end equipments, such as aviation, navigation, rocket satellite, military equipment, space station, etc. 
That is why Haloong has changed to use the servomotor from the second generation press. 
     Reluctance motor electric screw press machine is just the embryo of servomotor electric screw press. Reluctance motor press machine is ok for low precision forging. While, for powder forming and precision forging process, reluctance motor electric screw press machine is far for enough. Currently, domestic Forging Association is promoting the application of servomotor press machine vigorously to upgrade the level for the whole industry equipment and improve product quality. 

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