How to adjust the shut height of electric screw press?

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-08 16:00:05

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   As for Electric screw press, Only the right equipment is the best for a perfect results,whether it is cheap or expensive.and then pay attention to adjust before use, how do we adjust the shut height?
   When debugging the shut height of screw press,we adopt the jog stroke.some task bench are limited at lowest place,but the medium is ok within the scope of adjust,and make sure of the die were fixed reliably.before operation,please check the pressure of compressed air,operation system,oil system and clutch,brake,protective seriously if ok.

cnc screw press machine

   In order to adjust the automatic screw press close the height, we should pay attention to the relationship between the various parts, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements, so as to better use, in order to bring great benefits to our business and profit. produce cnc screw press with servomotor,for the advantage of energy saving more than 60%,reducing vulnerable parts,labor saving only for two even one operative, precluding safety accidents.haloong electric screw press is your wise choice.
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