flywheel and motor in NC presss machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-05 16:27:57

 flywheel and servomotor in NC press
    Presses would be produced as crank presses,screw presses,hydraulic a word,this kind of machinery is Short-term impact load,only a litter time is effect during a whole working cycle.
    CNC press equip with flywheel,which speed up to stored energy in idle time while speed out to release energy in working time as well the crank presses machine.
    Moment of inertia depend on the character of motor.the moment of inertia is stronger while allowable dowmhill is weaker,as so the contrary.
    Problem would be solved seemingly by increase the moment of inertia as the traditional allowable downhill is usually weak .however,the press machinery must be equipment with clutch as a powerful moment of inertia.worse still,difficult to control, prone to failure, poor reliability, energy consumption, difficult to intelligent control of digital movement and pressure, resulting in poor precision products, forgings parts need to cut and machining.
  New technology,servo motor has been widely adopted in haloong manufacturer. allowable dowmhill of servomotor were designed to maximum limit for the purpose to meet a tiny rotary inertia of other words,a tiny rotary inertia will leave out some unreliable parts such as clutch,as well some uncontrollable elastic deformation parts such as overload protection device.finally,the moving and press of servo motor would be accuracy control by digitized technology in NC press machine.
   And then,intelligence NC press machine enhance the property of presses well expand lifespan,increase precision of products, no-flash, Precision forming,bring manufacture a wild development opportunity and huge market.
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