(1)What is the difference between forging and stamping?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-02-13 17:06:55

 forging and casting the difference
(1) casting: is the shape of the molten metal into a solid shape.
Forging: It is a solid that converts a solid shape into another shape.
Casting is like you play wax, you buy wax (scrap, or pig iron) and then the wax into a liquid, put a mold, so you get different shapes of things. (Solid-liquid-solid)
Forging is like doing the process of making bread, you put a small dough kneading, into the mold inside, made of different shapes of the product. Almost solid at high temperatures, the shape can be transformed into other shapes (solid to solid).
The so-called casting, is the molten metal casting to the model to obtain the casting process. The casting specialty focuses on the metal smelting process and the control of the process during casting.
Forging is the plastic molding under the solid state, there are hot processing, cold processing of the points, like extrusion, drawing, pier thick, punching, etc. are forging.

(2)Forging is slowly forming, casting is a molding. Casting: molten liquid metal filled cavity cooling. The middle of the workpiece is easy to produce pores. Forging: mainly in high temperature with the extrusion method of forming. You can refine the grain in the workpiece. 

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